Parallel World

Extreme life forms can dwell in the universe.
To date, astronomers have discovered in the universe already a sufficient number of different planets - from hot worlds with hot surfaces to cold frozen ice balls. While the search…

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Predictor from the Paris cemetery
The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris is known to the whole world not only for its graceful statues and tombstones, but also for its mysterious mystical stories. The heroine of…

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The role and place of accessories
It was noticed that the named effects manifest themselves, the methods “work” only for the time being and since the frame, the vine or the pendulum are subject to the…


About the "end of the world."
Rumors about the upcoming lightning apocalypse, of course, did not arise from scratch. The ancient Mayan people considered time as cycles of 5,125 years each. The beginning of the last…

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Mystery Beacon Eileen Mor

Eileen-Moore It would seem that an extraordinary thing could happen in a regular sea lighthouse? Rangers, as a rule, describe life here as incredibly boring and devoid of all kinds of entertainment. However, as evidenced by the facts, sometimes even ordinary boring lighthouses take place in rather unbelievable events, and sometimes the most real mystical extravaganzas are played out.
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Riddle of the Celestial Metal Balls

The press has repeatedly reported mysterious metal balls that come across people in different parts of the world. In 1966, in the state of Arkansas (USA) several eyewitnesses observed how one such ball with a diameter of 28 centimeters fell from a completely clear sky. When the “flyer” was lifted, there were no signs of passing through the dense layers of the atmosphere or any damage on the ideally smooth surface of the ball. Continue reading

Unsolved mystery of the 20th century: “Tungussky Meteorite”

Against the background of human life, the concept of “cosmic catastrophe” sounds somehow abstract, unreal. But just look at the photographs of the Moon, Mercury, Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, their face, “disfigured” by meteorite bombardments, as it becomes clear that cosmic catastrophes in the Solar System occur much more often than we suppose. The recent fall on Jupiter of the Shoemaker-Levy comet is direct evidence of this. The Earth, thanks to its dense atmosphere, is well protected from small meteoroids weighing tens and hundreds of kilograms. But what will happen if the Earth collides with an asteroid or a comet weighing a million tons? Continue reading

Ghost train from italy

Human perception is surprisingly gracious to its bearers. There is too much information in the world to accept and process it all, therefore every living being sees only what fits into the necessary picture of the world. So, the frog sees fast-moving objects of a certain form – flying flies, not noticing the smooth movements of a creeping snake. The power of the “central processor” of a person is much higher, and he will notice both the snake and the fly, but this does not mean that he will see and accept everything. Continue reading

Five great mysteries of human history

1. The Lost Atlantis
Five great mysteries of human history
Lost Atlantis is one of the oldest and most disturbing mysteries of minds. Since ancient times, people have tried to discover Atlantis, which is considered to have sunk as a result of an earthquake or tsunami.
The Greek philosopher Plato described Atlantis as a large island located in the immediate vicinity of Gibraltar, the abode of the most developed civilization and an object of unsurpassed sophistication with a glorious palace. Continue reading

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Along with the considered methods of obtaining information about the remote present, past or future, methods are known, the identification of a rational basis of which is very difficult. The…


Several reasons not to believe in ghosts
Modern television and cinema are trying to convince us of the existence of the supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and other vermin from the stories of science fiction writers are…