Demonic White House Cat
The most terrible ghost of the White House in Washington is not considered to be the ghost of Lincoln or Jackson, but a ghost known as the Demon Cat, sometimes…

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Nostradamus (prophet of European history)
On the 14th of December, 1503, in the Provencal town of San Remy, around noon, was born the most amazing of people ever living on earth. Michel Nostradamus, for whom…

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Unsolved mystery of the 20th century: "Piri Reis Card"
The mystery of the mysterious Piri Reis map was not included in the series of articles about unsolved mysteries of the 20th century. We decided to correct this inaccuracy and…


Accessories panopticon and their application
The history of the use of accessories goes back thousands of years. In 1949, in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, a picture of a man with a so-called magic…

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Apocalypse of the Black Sea and the fate of Mithridates VI Eupator

John the Theologian could not help hearing about the earthquake of the sixty-third year BC. This earthquake occurred on the territory of the modern Kerch Strait, that is, on the territory of our country.
The earthquake was fateful for the Pontic kingdom and for the Asia Minor province of Assia, which was then part of it, the former Ionia (where John the Theologian lived later). Perhaps the earthquake was one of the reasons for the death of this state.
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Will the end of the world?

The feeling of the approaching catastrophe in our days has become so universal that it seems there is not a single person who would not have asked the question – what awaits us ahead? The threat of a nuclear war is still over the planet, but even it does not seem as inevitable as the threat of an environmental disaster, the ecological End of the World.
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Without asserting anything, I will give a couple of facts, testified by trustworthy people.
The first certificate belongs to a deceased educated woman who spoke two foreign languages ​​in 1987. At the zenith of her work, she was the deputy head of the personnel department of a large Moscow factory; during the war she was a dispatcher at a large workshop at the same factory.
Being baptized according to the Orthodox rite, she did not believe “neither in God, nor in the devil,” did not attend church, did not pray. After retirement, she became the chairman of the house committee and, according to the statements of tenants, she went alone to pacify the word of drunken rowdies. Continue reading

Mythical creatures from Africa
For centuries, Africa remained for Europeans unknown mysterious continent. It was believed that ancient creatures could still live on the "black" continent, and that is why numerous scientific expeditions were…


10 most popular theories explaining the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
Over the years, various theories explaining the mysterious disappearances in the triangle between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico have accumulated a huge amount - from the most idiotic to quite…