Wang - a symbol of the Unknown
(Wanga died on August 11, 1996 after a serious illness. Wanga died for two months. When she was brought to the intensive care unit of the government hospital in Sofia,…

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Unsolved mystery of the 20th century: "The skull of a child of Taung"
Let's continue the series of articles on unsolved mysteries of the 20th century. This time about the found at the beginning of the last century, in 1924, during the excavations…

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Unsolved mystery of the 20th century: "The Book of Veles"
The time has come for another unsolved mystery of the 20th century from our already half-lost series of secrets of the 20th century. The Veles Book is a written text…


On the nature of time and the study of the future
In our time, in order to explore the future, it is not at all necessary to be a prophet, as Michel Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce were all known at the…

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The most famous ghosts in the world

Territories where it is often possible to meet ghosts are described in all legends and stories in approximately the same way. The ghosts themselves can live in different parts of the world, including both Russia and all of Europe. And where exactly do all these almost mythical creatures live, which far from all people can see. Following the legends and legends, the most common places for their life are old and abandoned cemeteries, abandoned houses and castles, territories where any catastrophes occurred. According to experts in the field of parapsychology, most often spirits are found exactly where they were ever killed, because the place of death binds them for life.
It is still not possible to explain the fact that the largest number of spirits is recorded in the territory of old castles of such countries as Scotland, Ireland and England. For the most part, this phenomenon is attributed by historians to the fact that the old rich families throughout their lives had a huge number of secrets, including deadly sins that in the future caused family ghosts. The most habitat of ghosts and ghosts is still considered old England – the birthplace of knights and lords.
The most terrible ghosts in Europe
Europe is also famous for quite a lot of ghosts and ghosts, and the most famous of them are black monks and white ladies. Following the stories, it speaks of dark shadows and white blurry figures appearing on the territory of ancient houses and castles in Europe.
“Black Nun”
As stated in the old legend, the so called black nun is Sarah Wyhead, who comes to the bank every night to find her brother. According to the workers of the premises, once upon a time her brother really worked within the walls of this bank, however, he was fired due to the falsification of checks. Due to the sudden loss of a loved one, the nun was so upset that she is still looking for him on the territory of his former work.
Ghost House in Beverly Square
One of the worst ghosts lives in London in the territory of a house in Beverly Square. According to people, several people have already died just because of the sight of this otherworldly creature. Following one of the retelling options of ancient history, the ghost appears as a little boy who died a long time ago from fear in his room. According to the second version, the ghost is a young girl who her uncle wanted to seduce. By giving, she jumped out of the window to avoid this uchatsi.
Island of Povela
One of the most strange and mystical places in Venice is Povela Island. Today, it is completely closed for tourists, and police boats hourly monitor the situation along the shores of the island. On the island has long been a bell tower, which, according to owls of local residents, more than 9 centuries. Sometimes people say that bells can be heard from there.
It was possible to learn that during the time of the Roman Empire, people were brought to this island for the further death of people infected with the plague. A few centuries later, the island’s destination began to perform the same function again, and people infected with bubonic plague were brought there. People were simply dumped in huge pits and left to die there. By giving, the screams of these unfortunates are heard from time to time over the island.
Ghost of anna boleyn
The ghost of Anne Boleyn is one of the most common and well-known ghost stories. According to legends, the headless silhouette of a woman for many years wanders the stairs of the Tower Castle. Anne Boleyn during his life was the wife of Henry the Eighth Tudor. The king, noticing at one time the beautiful Boleyn, elevated her to the throne.
However, some time later, the woman was accused of treason and witchcraft, as a result of which she was executed. That is why the spirit of Anne Boleyn has no head. It is also noted that the last time she was noticed in the distant 1941th year.
The most famous ghosts in Russia
The most famous ghosts in the world
Almost every one of us knows some old story about a ghost or spirit. Of course, there are evil and good stories, one is destined to frighten people, others, on the contrary, inspire and make you go ahead and not give up. However, almost all otherworldly entities, they were not good or evil, often simply frighten a person, causing great harm to his psyche.
Earlier, ghosts and spirits were described in European cities, but in Russia there are also old houses, historical sites and castles, about which many different legends are told. For some of them, ghosts still live in such houses and castles.
Ghost town
A fortress called Arkaim, also called the “Russian Stonehenge”, is located near Chelyabinsk. At one time, specialists working in this area, apart from buildings and street debris, were noticed by wells, remnants of metallurgical furnaces, plumbing and mines. From the historical reference books it is known that all residents left Arkaim about four thousand years ago, but before they left, they completely burned down their native city.